July 25: A bit of a cheat

Dawn & John in Nice

I know this blog is supposed to be news from Nice, but I’m a cheating a bit, as I’m in London right now, at ‘home’. I’m in the guest room, surrounded by towers of our storage boxes, texting Joel who is in our other ‘home.’ The weather is beautiful, and I’m doing nothing but seeing people I love. The house looks lovely in the sunshine and is very, very quiet. When I came back ‘home’ after my favourite run down across Chiswick High Road, through Chiswick House and Grounds and then along the river before coming back up Turnham Green Terrace, I burst into tears and sobbed.

I’m not exactly sure why that happened – because I was tired, I think. Also, because I had tripped while running on the paving stones outside the Tube station and taken an ungainly tumble. My dignity, and my hand and elbow, were scratched. I haven’t fallen down like that for years! But I think that I was mostly crying because life is so different. I know, a vague reason. It’s a base sort of reaction, to cry, like a child who can’t yet express itself in any other way. I felt really silly, and Lori was so sweet and consoling.

But I won’t write about London now, mostly because I’ve forgotten the thingie that connects my camera to the laptop, so I can’t load up my pictures. I keep taking pictures here, too! I never used to think, wow those rosehips by the Tube, I must take a picture! I used to just think, wow, those rosehips, and keep on going. See, it’s the light in Nice – it’s made me see things differently.

Very good news from ‘home’: 1) I finished the first draft of The Novel! That was fairly momentous. I took the memory stick to a printer and learned the French in situ for ‘spiral bound’. THe guy in the print shop was the first one to congratulate me on my achievement. Joel was the second, as I immediately took The Novel down to the restaurant and thwumped it down on the bar. There is plenty of work to do, though. Remember, the terms of the deal between Joel and I are that I have until October 12.

News part 2) is also momentous: we’ve found an appartment, and it has two balconies with VIEWS! Amazing, beautiful, stunning views of swathes of Nice, plus some sea! It is also quiet. The proprietaire, a customer at the restaurant (surprise, surprise), says that birdsong can be a problem. It won’t be my problem, I’m sure, nor Ted’s. Joel says we’ll probably have the keys by the middle of next week.

The new flat has a guest room too (take note, friends!). Our friends Dawn and John deserve a special achievement award for having stayed the night in the studio a day or so before I left for London. THey have a gorgeous village house in Bonnieux, but came to visit us in Nice. Joel and I went to stay with Denise overnight, and Ted welcomed them with open paws. It was rainy the first day they were there, but the next day… Perfect! The colour of the sea was the impossible, wierd, showy turquoise I love. Oh, would you read me, here I am in London missing Nice. A good sign.

When I get ‘home’, I’ll show you the pictures I’m taking of ‘home’. Confused? Me, too.


About Suellen Grealy

In 2011, a series of coincidences led my husband Joel, our cat Ted and me away from London, where we lived quite happily for 30 years, to Nice, where Joel grew up. While he and his sister ran their restaurant, I wrote a novel. Family being family, Joel and his sister no longer work together. Writing being writing, the novel lingers on... Meanwhile, we've found ways of living a completely different life from the one we had in London, including running our own restaurant together, 7 Villermont. The only constants are our Ted, our now-battered Peugeot, and each other. Everything else is a complete surprise
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3 Responses to July 25: A bit of a cheat

  1. paula keogh says:

    Congratulations Suellen on finishing the first draft of your novel. Me, I’m still squeezing words out of my head.

  2. maryanne taragano rivera says:

    It all sounds incredibly lovely, Suellen. Congratulations on finishing the first draft of The Novel!!

  3. Ellen Sanchez Marenchin says:

    Congratulations on the novel. I can totally relate to the falling and crying. I’m currently in bed with a broken pelvis/hip.

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