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October 25: Waiting in the rain

It’s been pouring with rain this morning. Joel called from the restaurant to chat. To chat! There were only two customers for coffee huddled under a parasol, smoking. Because the restaurant is near the market and – usually – in … Continue reading

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October 17: Sunsets and sniping

Joel is an almost unnaturally patient and even-tempered man. He usually becomes even calmer in a crisis. Once we were on a plane that had to abort its landing at Heathrow when we were already so close to the ground … Continue reading

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October 12: The day I finished my novel

I once worked with a woman, let’s call her H., who, several years later, I bumped into in Chiswick High Road, near our house in London. We had coffee. She regaled me with her wonderful life, her amazing achievements, her … Continue reading

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October 2: Another Sunday lunch

Joel hasn’t been well this week – a cold that’s been going around and around. ‘Call in sick!’ I said this morning, but of course I was joking. There’s no calling in sick when it’s your own business. I went … Continue reading

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