Why is this blog called “A restaurant and a novel”? In 2011 my husband Joel and I put our ginger cat Ted into the car outside our house in London and drove all the way to Nice. Joel ran a restaurant with his sister, and, while waiting for something to happen, I wrote a novel. But things evolve. Joel and his sister no longer work together, and I got tired of procrastinating about a second draft. We often think about going back to London, but then we see the sky. I could change the title to “A property rental business, some freelance writing and a little teaching”, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring, so I’ll stick with what my friends know best.

5 Responses to About

  1. Michele Grasso says:

    Hi Suellen!

    Sounds like a lovely life….rose wine from a tap….yum. And gotta love those chocolate croissants. I am looking forward to reading more. Love you my dear. Michele

  2. Kate Gowrie says:

    Hi, Suellen,
    I can ‘get’ the whole atmosphere from your blog. Great to hear what you are up to and where. I think I have been to Nice, probably just passing through, but I remember all the smells and intense heat blasts you feel in the South, and at sundown, the sound of the ciccadas in the trees (cricket-like insect I don’t know how to spell). You will know what I mean. I loved getting up in the mornings and drinking a huge ‘bol’ of Orange flower tea. Hot, warm, fragrant – my whole face would fall into the ‘bol’ and almost give me a face steam before breakfast. Yes… the croissants…beam me up , Scottie!

  3. Deb Brenner says:

    Suellen – I want to live your life! Pretty please…

  4. Ellen Sanchez Marenchin says:

    Update, update, update!!!

  5. Michele Grasso says:


    Sounds like you had a great visit with Steph and Ken. Wonderful!!! I got your email, but now can’t find it. Can you message me again so I know where to write? Love you. Michele

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