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August 8: We opened a restaurant!

I don’t think this is a dream – we actually opened a restaurant, had some customers (satisfied, even!), and took some money. I might wake up and find that it’s all not true – that’s how it feels right now. … Continue reading

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July 5: Goodbye, Sanyo Rice Cooker

Gosh, it’s hot here, and in Nice we’re not even on a heatwave alert, like much of France. The cicadas, which apparently don’t start their racket until the temperature reaches 28C/84F, seem to be singing all the time. Even though … Continue reading

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April 21: Movies and marathons

Our first paying guests are arriving a few days after we get back from London at the end of the month, and we’ve been spending quite a bit of time road-testing the rental flat. We love it. If only it … Continue reading

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February 23: At the boulangerie

During a phone conversation the other day, a friend from London asked me to describe a typical day in our lives in Nice. I honestly couldn’t think where to begin. I’ve begun to yearn for a typical day, one in … Continue reading

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July 17: Four things I hear

(1) “Nee nee nee nee” That’s Louie, next door, singing. He must be nearly a-year-and-a-half-old now. Joel insists French people don’t really say Ooh la la, but Louie’s maman, Marie, disproves that every day, several times. She and Gabriel have … Continue reading

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March 19: A visit from the bike-catcher

When you’ve lived with someone for nearly 30 years, you know what the flash points are. Usually, you can see the risk of fire when there’s just a tiny ember. Depending on your mood, you bring out the fire blanket … Continue reading

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