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January 18: Standing up, brushing off…

Back in 1988, I got an MSc in Politics and Sociology from Birkbeck College, University of London. One of my most vivid memories of that time was being stuck in traffic outside the Houses of Parliament (I used to drive … Continue reading

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October 17: Sunsets and sniping

Joel is an almost unnaturally patient and even-tempered man. He usually becomes even calmer in a crisis. Once we were on a plane that had to abort its landing at Heathrow when we were already so close to the ground … Continue reading

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September 27: Simply the best

I’ve just had an email from my brother, who was talking about shale gas (his speciality) to an audience in Paris. He told me he’d thought of me and my sister Sarah when he saw Pepperidge Farm cookies in Monoprix, … Continue reading

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September 19: a restaurant and a novel…

I know, the word restaurant comes first in this blog’s name, and lots of people probably come looking for interesting stuff about the restaurant, and they get me and my crap old boring novel and a cat instead. I really … Continue reading

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July 29: One or two reasons why I really love London

I’m back in Nice now, happy to be with Joel and Ted. It’s not even very hot, though the sky is shimmering blue. A London sky simply can’t muster the same strength for such a blue – it’s not showy … Continue reading

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May 15: Cannes

They say that if you don’t see someone famous when you’re on Chiswick High Road, you’re not looking. One day as I was driving I noticed Vanessa Redgrave walking by herself, then five minutes later when I was waiting to … Continue reading

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May 13: Imposter Syndrome

During the very first days we were here I happened to walk past a window with notices advertising Cours d’Anglais. Being qualified to teach English, I had to stop for a look, didn’t I? I hadn’t even figured out what … Continue reading

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