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February 6: a new restaurant

At last this blog’s title – 50% of it, at least  – makes some sense again. Originally, the restaurant part of it referred to Joel’s business adventure with his sister Michele, which ended in, to understate, disagreement (financially draining, emotional … Continue reading

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February 1: A change of heart

When I was writing my last blog, I was convinced I couldn’t run the 10k Prom Classic, but guess what? I did. It wasn’t the end of the boring running phase at all. I weighed up the possibility of feeling … Continue reading

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October 30: Onlooker Number 10 (Monaco, 1962)

Well, I’d hoped that my moment of extreme tiara glamour would come as an extra on the movie Grace of Monaco. I knew I was to be in a scene of the 1962 Red Cross Ball (which remains Monaco’s most … Continue reading

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September 4: Fame and fortune

The BBC version of Jane Eyre is on TV here this week, but as it will be dubbed in French, I won’t watch it. If ever I am mistaken for a spy and captured, I will reveal all I know … Continue reading

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July 17: Four things I hear

(1) “Nee nee nee nee” That’s Louie, next door, singing. He must be nearly a-year-and-a-half-old now. Joel insists French people don’t really say Ooh la la, but Louie’s maman, Marie, disproves that every day, several times. She and Gabriel have … Continue reading

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June 22: How to move house without really trying

Well, whoops! Joel and I seem to have sold our house in London. How on earth did that happen? A truck full of all our worldly goods arrived at my mother-in-law Denise’s place today, and three nice guys who’d driven … Continue reading

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May 31: Catching a cherry tree

This is the top of the cherry tree next to the kitchen balcony, which we usually refer to as Ted’s balcony because he spends so much time out there on his chair. The cherry tree is tethered to the railing … Continue reading

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