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September 4: Fame and fortune

The BBC version of Jane Eyre is on TV here this week, but as it will be dubbed in French, I won’t watch it. If ever I am mistaken for a spy and captured, I will reveal all I know … Continue reading

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June 22: How to move house without really trying

Well, whoops! Joel and I seem to have sold our house in London. How on earth did that happen? A truck full of all our worldly goods arrived at my mother-in-law Denise’s place today, and three nice guys who’d driven … Continue reading

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January 27: It’s English or bust

There’s a by-law of some kind that says deux-roues (two-wheelers) aren’t allowed on the Tram tracks, but I don’t think it applies to bicycles. One of my favourite things to do is to jump on a VeloBleu on a sunny … Continue reading

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June 18: L’Appel du 18 Juin

All French people know about L’Appel du 18 Juin. It’s the speech that Charles de Gaulle made on BBC radio from London on 18 June 1940, calling upon all French people to resist the Germans. The date didn’t ring any … Continue reading

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June 4: Apartment envy

I’ve been on a few uncomfortable train journeys over the decades. Two in particular stand out: from Hothot in Mongolia to where I forget now, but it took 12 hours, for all of which I had to stand upright in … Continue reading

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May 1: Fire!

But NOT, thank goodness, at our restaurant! Joel was expecting a busy day because it promised to be perfect weather, as well as being a national holiday and a Sunday AND the last day of the Easter hols. I knew … Continue reading

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Vintage issues

The building we live in is called the Moderne Cessole. It’s on the corner of a street called Boulevard Cessole, but there’s nothing Moderne about it. The toilet flush came off in my hand yesterday. The plumber who came today … Continue reading

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