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February 6: a new restaurant

At last this blog’s title – 50% of it, at least  – makes some sense again. Originally, the restaurant part of it referred to Joel’s business adventure with his sister Michele, which ended in, to understate, disagreement (financially draining, emotional … Continue reading

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July 17: Four things I hear

(1) “Nee nee nee nee” That’s Louie, next door, singing. He must be nearly a-year-and-a-half-old now. Joel insists French people don’t really say Ooh la la, but Louie’s maman, Marie, disproves that every day, several times. She and Gabriel have … Continue reading

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May 31: Catching a cherry tree

This is the top of the cherry tree next to the kitchen balcony, which we usually refer to as Ted’s balcony because he spends so much time out there on his chair. The cherry tree is tethered to the railing … Continue reading

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January 18: Standing up, brushing off…

Back in 1988, I got an MSc in Politics and Sociology from Birkbeck College, University of London. One of my most vivid memories of that time was being stuck in traffic outside the Houses of Parliament (I used to drive … Continue reading

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January 8: London vs. Nice

It’s been 138 photographs since my last blog post – I downloaded them just now. Most of them seem to be of some of the 7,000 people who did the 10k (6m) Prom Classic run this perfect sunny morning. Only … Continue reading

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November 12: Twittering

Nice-Matin, even though it is mentioned several times in The Novel, is actually a truly dire newspaper. After the attempted robbery at the restaurant, it published a factually incorrect story without even trying to phone Joel or Michele (see May … Continue reading

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October 25: Waiting in the rain

It’s been pouring with rain this morning. Joel called from the restaurant to chat. To chat! There were only two customers for coffee huddled under a parasol, smoking. Because the restaurant is near the market and – usually – in … Continue reading

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